Photo Joe Gibson

Photo Joe Gibson

International Women's Day: 'Women of 2037 - this is what I want you to know' | Amelia Butterly and Georgina Pearce | March 8, 2018

"Georgia Saxelby says her aim is that women in the future 'will know we were thinking of them'."


'Art Itinerary: To Future Women @ The Phillips Collection' | by Svetlana Legetic | January 19 | photo Walker Esner

"I believe a huge role of art is the exploration of our cultural relationships towards things. Developing policies and technologies for creating change is vital, and so too is understanding and shifting our cultural relationship towards those things. We tend not to destroy or denigrate what we appreciate. And that appreciation is a cultural, and probably emotional, philosophical, and even spiritual, issue." Georgia Saxelby


Washington City Paper

To Do This Weekend: DJ Lag, To Future Women, and Destroyer' | by Kayla Randall | January 26

"This project is about using the physical spaces of museums, inhabited by marchers a year ago, to combine art with protest." Jeanine Santucci


'Philippa's picks this week...' | February 14


The Phillips Collection PRESS RELEASE for To Future Women


Fourth Estate

Soaring Toward a Hopeful Future | Lauryn Cantrell | February 11, 2018


'To Future Women' at The Phillips Collection | by Watched Pot | January 17

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