You are invited to add your letter to the archive. The project will be open for six months - until July 2018 - to receive you letter, with the postal address changing monthly. We are currently receiving letters at The Phillips Collection. Handwrite and mail your letter to the artist at:


To Future Women

Georgia Saxelby

c/o The Phillips Collection

1600 21st Street, NW

Washington, DC 20009


Consider the following questions:

In the last year since the Women’s March, what have you learned, felt or witnessed that you hadn’t before?


Describe an instance where you’ve become aware of the challenges or realities faced by women.


Describe in detail one way you hope things will be different for the woman reading your letter in 2037. How will it look and feel from her perspective?


Leave your name, date, age and location on your letter in case you want to find it in twenty years time.


Stay informed and follow the project's journey

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